ERP System

Centraal Boekhuis is a company in The Netherlands that is singularly focused on distribution of books, DVD’s, small memorabilia and the likes. At one of their sorting and picking locations they have 4 sorting lines which are operated by 2 people ach. Avercon was tasked with automating the 4 sorting lines with 1 single line and increase the throughput in the process while only requiring 2 person in total: 1 for the infeed, 1 for the outfeed.

DB-Engineering’s task was to communication from the ERP system of Centraal Boekhuis to the PLC and back. As this process was very fast (1.8 seconds/book) and this process required at a minimum 6 communications between PLC and ERP and back, the real-time low-latency aspect of the system became the key aspect of the solution.

Used Hardware

  • Dell Workstation optiplexavercon