Rollercoaster generator


2020: A rollercoaster-year! 

But real rollercoasters can also break down from time to time. Fortunateley, we at DB Engineering are not afraid of the unknown. When a customer is in trouble, nothing is too difficult for us to find a solution.

When the launch installation of a rollercoaster in a Belgian amusement park broke down, we immediately looked for a solution. The “engine flywheel generator” unit with a capacity of 1MW had failed and a new generator with matching couplings had to be ordered. The new units must then be installed, alligned and electrically recommissioned.

No easy task, given that a lot had evolved in the generator field over the last 20 years, and therefore a real challenge to integrate these new electronics into the old electrical installationWe are currently still waiting for the coupling and are planning to put the rollercoaster back into operation at the end of December.

Too be continued…

flying wheel generator
Motor flying wheel generator - Reconstruction