Aluminium Extrusion: Back to our origin


Our client is a global supplier of aluminum in 40 countries on all continents. DB Engineering was asked to retrofit a complete 3500 ton Aluminium Extrusion Line. The existing control systems, Multiprocessor Siemens Step5 and Cegelec PLC,  were withholding our customer to make the necessary optimizations to their production process.


DB Engineering was given the responsibility to:

  • Upgrade the control system and corresponding IO’s from Step5 to TIA-1500, making use of the most modern equipment available.
  • Replace obsolete serial RK512 and 3964R communications by ProfiNet
  • Reprogram PICOS System
  • Fully integrate HMI visualization and safety through PLC
  • Install SCALANCE wireless communication


The project is being executed in different phases, the first step being the Press control system.
The downtime during every phase will be minimized to reduce the pressure on the production targets.  Thanks to our optimizations the production process will run more efficiently.