E-Max creates all sorts of aluminium solutions, for which it needs an aluminum forge. The existing oven was still using an array of relay circuitry which were controlled by burner controllers. Due to several problems in such a design, E-Max contacted us to renew the oven controller circuitiry. Added on, we also had to think how we could incorporate and additional backup circulation fan.

Our solution comprised a Siemens Safety-PLC in combination with the Siemens Safety-Burner building blocks. To get to our high available circulation fan we came up with the following solution:

  1. Adding a backup Siemens Safety PLC
  2. An extra frequency driver per fan
  3. Electrical circuitboard to override the frequency driver

As a bonus we have also managed to improve the oxygen regulation inside the oven!


Used Hardware

  • Siemens – Safety – Siemens burner control
  • PMA – STB55 – PMA Railline DP
  • ABB frequency drives