Aerospace system


One of the few key players in manufacturing airplane components, was looking for a viable partner to develop software to control their test rigs. Thanks to our extensive experience in developing tailored software solutions for test rigs, DB Engineering was appointed as their preferred supplier. Nevertheless, the client imposed 4 stringent criteria the control system had to meet:

easy to use
flexible (user programmable)
built with industrial – readily available – components
upgradable via modem  

DB Engineering designed an automated programming system and implemented the full version of a 5000psi test rig control system. This comprised a high-speed data acquisition unit, redundant control and supervision touch panels. The entire operator interface was PC-controlled, while hydraulics were controlled by an industrial PLC-controller. Only worldwide available industrial components were used to build the control system.

The automated programming system was (and is) not only easy to use, but also allowed them to run its own CMM (Component Maintenance Manual) test programmes. The customer was so pleased with the outcome that it commissioned extra test rigs in the following years, including Overcentre, PTU, ECMP, EDP and many others.

Thanks to the flexibility of the DB Engineering systems, our software and control cabinets are now also being used by Delta Airlines, SAS (Scandinavian Airlines), RAM (Air Maroc), TAM (Brasil) and Air Canada