Energy monitoring – development goals & energy efficiency


Our client is a recognized energy consultancy, specialized in energy monitoring for the industrial sector. 
They support companies in increasing their energy efficiency and saving energy costs.

The customer has developed its own software that can help companies by collecting their energy data to better understand their energy consumption. DB Engineering was commissioned to develop a platform that collects all data and implements it in our clients software program


  • Installation of various energy meters including Hardware Siemens Sentron: measures all data (energy values, consumption,…)
  • Placing a logger that collects all data and forwards it to the energy monitoring platform. These devices record energy values such as current and voltage and communicate them to a higher-level energy monitoring system for data analysis and evaluation. They will be able to record their power consumption with accurate time and cost details.
  • In addition to saving costs by optimizing consumption, they can also enjoy a more fail-safe system.