Eta-Com is a manufacturer of busbars (copper power-rails).
In order to guarantee their quality, each of their products must pass a 10.000A testing bench. This will monitor the temperature at different points on the bar while the current is applied.
Before we arrived, they still had to regulate the current by hand and measured temperatures where unreliable.

We delivered a solution where a Siemens PLC takes care of the PI process. It controls a couple of variacs that generate the requested current. Each test cycle will slowly rise the provided current up to a configured maximum.

Meanwhile up to 32 high-sensitive temperature sensors will register all temperature changes on the bar. When any of the values reaches an alarm value, the test is interrupted and a notification is send to the test engineer.

The measured currents and temperatures can be real-time monitored and compared with the accompanied computer application. All test results can be also stored for later reference and exported to Excel.

eta-com 2.png

used hardware

  • 1212 DC/DC/DC