How a second hand machine became investment asset

make machine operational

Our client is known in the greenhouse construction sector. In addition to the classic glass greenhouses they also offer a wide range of foil tunnels for the professional gardener. They had acquired a saw machine but found out it dit not work due to failing electrics. 
DB Engineering accepted the challenge to figure out how the sawing machine operates. The assignment was to make the machine operational as soon as possible.


  • Installation of a new electrical cabinet with implementation of energy efficient components that avoids maintenance costs
  • New electrical wiring
  • Replacement of 230V hydraulic valves with 24VDC compressed air valves
  • Update command panels
  • Implementation of a Siemens 1500 CPU in Tia Portal together with a touch-sensitive TP 700 HMI screen which gives an operator an easy way to set-up the sawing machine.


By replacing the old components, they now know exactly which components are used. The machine is more user-friendly, faster and more reliable than before. Also the risk of incorrect cutting is less. By retaining the customers known working method, no additional training was required. Because of the implementation of the TP 700 HMI they have a level of traceability that was not achievable before. We did all this in less than a week. Mission accomplished!

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