Joint strike fighter


As part of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) – programme, The client was asked to develop a test rig for the JSF bomb door motor. Building further on earlier positive collaborations, the client called upon DB Engineering to help them realize this ambitious project.

The test rig was the first of its kind, as it had to control the bomb door motor with ultra-fast PIDs, in order to keep every movement under control. Knowing that a complete open/close – cycle of the doors only takes a few seconds, the control system needed to keep track of the position of the rotor at a speed of over 15.000 rpm, in order to guarantee correct test results.

DB Engineering installed a tailor-made control system with Dedicated Ream-time Controllers, PC-control with NI-modules and industrial PLC-controllers

Thanks to the control system with cycle times as low as 0.1ms, DB Engineering was able to succesfully meet the requested PATs (Product Acceptance Test)