Medix is a new producer of food supplements for atletes. Their product range is mainly comprising powders. Shortly after the inception of this company, DB Engineering was contacted to create a dosing system. This system guides operators through the process of weighing the exact right proportions of raw materials according to a specified recipe. On top of this, Medix requested to have an elaborate tracibility on all products and raw materials.


In the end we delivered a dosingsystem that guides an operator through the completion of a recipe. For each requested ingredient an operator has to scan a barcode to check the origin of each raw material. This actively prevents the addition of either wrong or expired ingredients – even more so, it tries to take into account the age of each ingredient in a First-In-First-Out order. The whole system was built-in a nice and professional looking Inox cabinet, which makes them very easy to clean and following the necessary regulations.



Used hardware:

  • Siemens Panel PC’s
  • Datalogic barcodescanners
  • SysTec digital scale
  • Spiromatic bag dump with vibrating screen and weighing cells