Hi, My name is Stijn

#MeetOurTeam: Stijn – Teamleader & Concept Ingenieur

Hi, My name is Stijn


33-year-old Stijn is a experienced technician who had a great love for technology & mechanics. But diving is also one of his great passions. As a fanatic diver, he spends hours under water to show other people the way to the underwater world. But the most important thing in his life is undoubtedly his dog Yasmine, a Saluki Feathered whom he adopted and rescued from the streets. Meet our engineer who is not only passionate about his work, but also eager to learn new things.

concept engineer - what's in a name?

As a Teamleader & Concept Engineer, Stijn is responsible for the design & mechanical development of various projects while monitoring construction sites & team. Finding the right translation between the customer’s requirements and the delivered product is also part of his range of tasks. In fact, he is the interpreter between DB-Engineering and its customers.



DB-Automation is the newest department within DB-Engineering led by Stijn. This department has a clear goal: to offer a total package to all its customers. The fact that both departments have lots of experience in various sectors ensures that they can combine the experience from different industries to find solutions for any problem.

We do not shy away from any challenge. Taking risks and taking a leap of faith, we don't turn our backs on that. From heavy industry to the medical sector, you can contact us for everything.

what will the future bring?

Stijn has a clear plan for the future with his new department: coaching a team that specializes in non-standard automation and expanding ‘the one stop for automation shop’! To achieve this goal, Stijn not only wants to be a leader, but also a coach. He considers it important to be available to his team so that they can contact him with all their questions and problems. ‘Lead by example” is the leadership style that he uses. Stijn has now started his Master of Science in Industrial Sciences: Machine & Production Automation. He is certainly eager to learn!