Upgrade 25MN Aluminium Extrusion press


DB Engineering was asked to make a major update of an old Allen Bradley PLC control system in an aluminium extrusion plant in Brisbane, Australia. Long time relations brought us in contact with this customer. During a visit back in September 2018, it was quickly decided that DB Engineering was the best partner to perform this job. Once the CAPEX was approved late 2019. The order was finally given and work could start! The actual startup is planned for April 2021.



  • The old control system (Allen Bradley SLC500) has to be replaced with a new Compact Logix System with a brand new program and HMI
  • The hardware was still working good, but software-wise a lot of optimizations were requested.
  • As the existing program was heavily modified over te years, the decisions was made to recreate a whole new program and HMI
  • At the sime time, the existing hydraulic components will also be screened (and replaced when obsolete) and the dead cycle time shortened.
If you would like more information, or if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us:
View of the existing control system with the analog pumpcontrollers